Images of a Crazy World

Join us in celebrating a remarkable artistic journey as we unveil the first exhibition of Reinhard Stammer in 2024, set against the picturesque backdrop of Santanyí, Mallorca. This exhibition at the Santanyí Ajuntament is showcasing a unique fusion of creativity and passion.

Delve into the world of Reinhard Stammer, where each piece tells a story and evokes emotions. Experience a vivid display of colors, textures, and innovative techniques that capture the essence of contemporary art. Reinhard’s work, renowned for its boldness and depth, promises to leave you enthralled and inspired.

Located in the heart of Santanyí, our gallery provides the perfect setting for this immersive art experience. Whether you are an art aficionado or a curious observer, Stammer’s exhibition is a must-visit. Be part of this artistic celebration and witness the birth of a new era in modern art.

Starting 20th of January 2024 and lasting until late February.


Reinhard Stammer Vita

I was born on July 25, 1952 in Glücksburg on the Baltic Sea. I was probably born with the joy of painting. It is interesting that symbols can already be found in pictures from my youth, which I then rediscovered in my much later work. My first exhibition took place in 1967 in the Orangery in Glücksburg.

She was not the impetus for an artistic career. I gave up my desire to study art, instead I started to study life, with all its ups and downs, with its light and dark sides. I lived my life passionately and sometimes excessively. It followed no discernible plan.

At the age of 32 I founded the P.A.R.C. publishing house in Germany.


My occupation with Buddhism and Advaita, many visits to Ramesh Balsekar in Bombay, have given many answers to questions that have been asked since early childhood and I believe that the teaching of NOT BEING or as Ramesh Balsekar says: “consciousness is all there is ” somehow seems to express in my paintings.


I only painted sporadically – increasingly losing interest in reproducing the visible world. A painted flower on a canvas, is not a real flower and a painted human being painted on canvas is NOT a real human being. The colors and shapes awaken memories in the viewer. That’s all well and good,but it wasn’t enough for me.

New Beginnings

In 30 years, not very many were created – but some particularly beautiful and interesting pictures. I wrote more poems and the chronicle was also written at this time. I realized how I could use painting to compensate for the severe blows of fate that hit me at the age of 52, and in retrospect I claim that it saved my life. So I’m grateful for this gift, which didn’t make me a Dürer or Picasso, but enabled me to give some of my pictures something of myself to take with them.

Now I live in Sineu, Mallorca with my wife and our cats. I will likely spend the rest of my life on this island, which I always dreamed of.

I no longer paint as excessively as I did a few years ago. The madness that has been trying to overwhelm the world for the past 3 years can hardly be captured in pictures anymore. I was also not an artist who expressed himself politically in his art and so my themes fell by the wayside.

But everything has its time and the few pictures I have painted here make me happy with myself and my art. I was involved in the founding of AYA Mallorca and I can’t say that I’m overcome by boredom

Reinhard Stammer | Adelante! Painting
Waiting for a kiss 100 x 160 cm 2014 Small
Woke up in the manifested world 130 x 140 cm 2016
The order will return 110 x 150 cm 2023 | Reinhard Stammer |
You are joking 40 x 40 cm 2023
Woke up in the manifested world 130 x 140 cm 2016
Siegfried and the dragon 90 x 120 cm 2018
Epidemic 150 x 90 cm 2020
He took his little red bird and left it all behind 60 x 130 cm 2015